Society of Apostolic Life Donum Dei

Pastoral care of vocations


From the latin word « vocare » which means “to be called”. The vocation indicated most of the time the style of life that a Christian chose married, priest, monk, men and women religious, celibate. But the vocation is the fate of all the Christians in all the moments of their life. A Christian is called without ceasing by Jesus to follow Him and to imitate Him.

The pastoral care of vocations

For all the baptized, the Christian life consist to be more attentive without ceasing to the call that God addressed to him personally, and to bring a response to this call. We are invited to enter in the communion with God and it is in this that consist the fundamental and common vocation to Holiness.

The pastoral care of vocations in the Society of Apostolic Life Donum Dei has the goal to stimulate a culture of the calling as a responsibility of all the members, to awaken the youth to the call of God.



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