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The pond and the source

Funny story

Dossier :

Dear brothers and sisters,

hello !

Journal des jeunes

« The Church need’s you »

In the synodal approach undertaken by our

Mother Church on October 9, 2021 until 2023 the words of

Pope Francis resound both in our ears and in our

hearts: “The Church needs you”. Yes, the call of the Vicar

of Christ is addressed to all! You and me, you and us. ” All

must participate: it is an ecclesial essential commitment !

 All the baptized form the Church. ” That is

the synodal spirit!

For a Synodal Church: Communion,

Participation and Mission, this is the theme of this course


Undoubtedly, everyone has had the experience of this

journey at the local level whether parochial or within

the Missionary Workers of the Immaculate community in communion with the local church.

This publication presents to us some knowledge of the

Synodal process, and a sharing on the experience of the synodal journey at

local level.

Still in the synodal spirit we find in the

Spiritual Sharing  some of our sisters who will make us

discover the wonders that the Lord does

and accomplish unceasingly in their life.

In the Rubric a beautiful

story of the pond and the source

will remind us that there is more joy in

giving than receiving. Then a

funny story will be there

to make us smile.

Finally, in the Dossier, a beautiful

Message from Pope Francis on May 8, 2022

before the Regina Caeli reminds us of the 3 verbs that illustrate

the bond that exists between Jesus the Good Shepherd and us his sheep.

Enjoy reading everyone!

The Editorial team

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